Welcome to the resource site for Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life (3rd edition), written by Karen Mitchell Smith and Katharine O’Moore-Klopf and published by TSTC Publishing (September 2012).

Typically, college success textbooks focus on traditional higher education academic skills: note taking, test strategies, and research. However, in response to the increasing trend—especially at two-year colleges—of students immediately entering the workforce upon graduation, Taking Charge directly contextualizes these academic skills with the soft skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.

In addition, all the subject areas covered in the book are related to personal growth so that students may see that these skills are not used in isolation but are, rather, an integral part of the ongoing development everyone experiences in his or her life.

Taking Charge is also easily customizable with in-depth profiles of faculty and staff at the beginning of each chapter of adopting schools. In addition, it can be bundled with an attractive, low-cost date planner that includes academic calendars and useful campus contact information of adopting schools.

To see the complete table of contents and a preview of Chapter 8 of the third edition of Taking Charge, click here.

Finally, a detailed overview from the publisher about the intent and scope of Taking Charge is here.