Get Involved When It Comes to School

Whether you’re thinking about returning to school or you have a child you’re ready to launch into academia, summer is a good time to plan.

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Better Safe Than Sorry

(Profile originally published in Texas State Technical College’s Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life)

TSTC Human and Organization Development Associate Cindy Volney understands there is safety in numbers. Since 1997, she’s been involved with safety, retirement, and insurance for TSTC employees, and she said solving issues in these areas is a group effort.

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Pave Your Way to Success With the Three P’s

Everyone has goals.

Another word I substitute for “goals” is “dreams.” To me, they are one and the same. Children have dreams of becoming doctors or ballet dancers. As they grow older, the dreams become a little more specific, dreams of getting into the right college to become that doctor.

Then the dreams get practical like buying a nice house in the best neighborhood or losing 10 pounds before that summer vacation. But all dreams or goals, whether small or big, practical or nonsensical, have one thing in common: they take a lot of hard work and effort to achieve. Read the rest of this entry »