Take a Chance at Life

Progress always involves taking risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”

– Frederick B. Wilcox

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Goal Setting Starts One Step at a Time


I remember one of the first goals I set. I couldn’t wait to reach seventh grade so I could play on the school’s softball team. That was the time before equity in sports, and there were very few competitive girls’ teams.

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Lessons from Transformers

College plus Transformers movies usually equals late-night movie marathons or deep discussions about the finer qualities of auto mechanics. However! It is possible to extract valuable lessons for college-going from these movies. Here’s a light pop-culture-lesson snack for you to read before class:

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Tips Help You Get Research

Remember when you first got it?

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There is a Time to Manage Time

Some days I wonder why I am not doing more.

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