Learning Today Will Last a Lifetime

Traci Marlin (left) and Sheila Boggess speak to Baylor students this week.

It doesn’t seem so long ago I sat in News 101 at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. What I learned there, though, is still sticking after all these years. Those daily tests over The Associated Press (AP) Stylebook helped prepare me for many things.

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Think positive When You’re Taking Charge

“I’m awesome!” exclaimed the young woman. “I feel great!”

A few hours later, I came across another comment from yet another young woman: “Is there such a thing as too much excitement for one day?”

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It’s Never Too Late or Early to Learn

I remember sitting in college classes in the late ’70s and wondering about the people who seemingly just “dropped in” to listen to lectures. I learned they were “auditing” the course, and in some cases paying to sit there but not taking it for credit. That just seemed crazy since I was working hard toward a degree at the time. Maturity would teach me that those people were smart, wanting to learn all the time.

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Surround Yourself with Success

Surrounding yourself with like-minded motivated individuals is a good way to ensure success in college. Think about it. Your parents probably didn’t want you hanging with “the wrong crowd” especially during your teen years because it might lead you into trouble. Bad choices often lead to lives full of despair. Let’s look at the opposite, the positive, if you will.

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Dinner Bell Rings in New Program

What do you miss most about home? Chances are the answer to that question revolves around food (Mom’s cooking) or family. A Vermont college president is taking what students miss most and cooking up a program that actually is helping her school retain its students.

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