Surround Yourself with Success

Surrounding yourself with like-minded motivated individuals is a good way to ensure success in college. Think about it. Your parents probably didn’t want you hanging with “the wrong crowd” especially during your teen years because it might lead you into trouble. Bad choices often lead to lives full of despair. Let’s look at the opposite, the positive, if you will.

Author Andy Masters spoke to a group of California college students recently and encouraged them to get involved with organizations on campus. This, according to an article at, will help you build positive relationships, not to mention add to your social circles. Surround yourself with other motivated individuals who want to accomplish their goals as well, he said.

Masters recently authored 37 Keys to College Success: Balancing Student Life & Academics, a book that shows students how to be successful in the classroom while having a wonderful experience in college. He told students that only 53 percent of those who begin taking college courses actually graduate with degrees.

Before you jump into college life, Masters also told students to research their dream careers. Incorporating your degree into something you love to do makes sense and helps students enjoy their lives once they enter the work field.