About The Book & Authors

About Taking Charge

Standard features in Taking Charge: Your Education, Your Career, Your Life include:

  • Personal, educational, and career applications relating to each chapter’s subject
  • Chapters focusing on goal setting, time management, financial planning, critical thinking, research, written and interpersonal communications, the diverse and non-hostile work environment, and much more
  • Profiles at the beginning of each chapter of students, graduates, faculty, and staff
  • Additional suggested resources as well as individual and group exercises designed to increase student comprehension and internalization of concepts presented

After receiving feedback from instructors around the country combined with advances in digital publishing, key features new to the third edition include:

  • a four-color, magazine layout incorporating a variety of photos, infographics, and sidebars designed to make concepts more engaging and accessible;
  • newly developed (and free) digital ancillary content, easily accessible from the printed book via QR codes and the ebook via enabled hyperlinks,  including videos, downloadable documents, recommended websites and mobile apps, interactive polls, and more;
  • “student disorientation” scenarios with a cast of recurring characters at the beginning of each chapter to set the stage for that chapter’s subject; and
  • end-of-chapter crossword puzzles utilizing key terms and phrases.

About the Authors

Karen Mitchell Smith earned her English degree from Texas Tech University in 1985, but she enjoyed publishing success long before that. Her passion for writing began early with a deep love for books and an understanding of the power of words. During the last 20-odd years, she has honed her natural abilities through challenging projects, targeted education, and long nights burning the midnight oil. An accomplished motivational speaker, Karen also presents seminars for educators and high school students. She can be reached for comment or question at karen@topshelfink.com or at her website Top Shelf Ink.

Katharine O’Moore-Klopf is a graduate of the University of Houston. She began her career as a journalist in Texas, and then moved into production editing and copyediting for publishers in Colorado and then in New York City. She has been a self-employed copyeditor of books and peer-reviewed journal articles since 1995. She enjoys working with authors who are non-native speakers of English and has helped researchers from more than 20 nations achieve their dream of having their articles published in U.S. medical journals. She enjoys helping others succeed, so she developed and serves as curator for the Copyeditors’ Knowledge Base, which is housed within her website at www.kokedit.com. She can be reached for questions or comments at editor@kokedit.com.