Chapter 10 Additional Online Resources

Chapter 10: Writing

Additional Online Resources

This Web site offers the top 10 tips to writing an effective e-mail. It covers all areas of an e-mail by using detailed descriptions of the do’s and don’ts of communication using e-mail.

Writing a business letter is made easy by Write Express, which offers free tips and articles relating to writing the perfect business letter. Types of letters are organized into categories and make it easy for the user to choose which type of business letter they want to write and easily focus on that specific type. provides essay writing guides to 19 different types of essays, including the most common such as the five-paragraph essay, the argumentative essay and the cause- and effect-essay.

LR Communication Systems offers a compilation of advice on proofreading and editing. Advice comes from experienced editors and proofreaders and contains general tips as well as the specific.

This Web site includes a detailed research guide for students writing a research paper. It is organized into logical steps from choosing a topic to proofreading the final paper. Included throughout the guide are links to other sites that are useful to the writer.

Study Guides and Strategies provides an easy-to-follow how to on writing lab reports and scientific papers.

This Web site gives the user a step-by-step procedure of writing a technical paper by walking the writer through the format and structure while also providing some examples. Also included is a list of other references that might be useful for writing the same type of paper.

An extensive amount of cover letter examples are provided within this Web site. Examples of cover letters for numerous different professions are available from broad letters to specific letters. Very good site! makes resume writing easy by providing templates, formats and sample resumes.

My Own Business offers answers to common questions and suggestions on writing a business plan. Included is tips, do’s and don’ts, a checklist and sample business plans.