Chapter 11 Additional Discussion & Writing Prompts

Chapter 11: Diversity, Tolerance, and Respect

Additional Discussion & Writing Prompts

1. Discuss a situation in which you have witnessed intolerance. Discuss the effects on the offender and the victim.

2. Discuss a situation in which you have witnessed tolerance. How was the situation properly handled and what was the outcome?

3. How has your view of diversity changed over the years? Do you think it will change or develop during your time in college? What are some possible situations that will cause the changes?

4. The best way to develop tolerance is to take time to understand the people around you. What are some opportunities on campus that have allowed you to develop more tolerance? Are there some opportunities available that you have yet to take advantage of?

5. Write a short paragraph about when, where and why you will need to practice tolerance in your professional life.

6. Write about a time when you were discriminated against. How did it make you feel?

7. In what ways do practicing tolerance and extending respect and courtesy to all people help your critical thinking ability? Give an example of a time when you felt that your actions were tolerant and therefore helped give you more intellectual credibility.

8. Diversity in a company’s workforce is not only good for the company but for the market it provides for. Why is this? Give an example of a particular market and the ways diversity has helped it to operate efficiently.

9. Visit the EEOC Web site and find the “Laws Enforced by EEOC” link under Laws, Regulations, and Guidance. Choose one of these laws and explain why the passing of this law was necessary, why it must continue to be enforced, and how our society would be different without it.