Chapter 2 Additional Discussion & Writing Prompts

Chapter 2: Taking Control of Your Time

Additional Discussion & Writing Prompts

1. List an hour-by-hour schedule of your typical day. How do you organize it? What takes priority? What do you take the most time doing each day? Could you use your time more productively? How? Prepare to share and compare your answers in class.

2. Think back to a time when you ran out of time to accomplish some task such as meeting a deadline for a school paper. Describe how you felt that day and what you did to attempt to finish the task, and then write how you might have better organized your time so the task could’ve been completed on time.

3. When you shop for groceries, do you have a list? If you do, how do you organize that list? If not, do you think you would spend less money if you were to make a grocery list?

4. Look at your school schedule and determine how many hours per week you think you’ll need to devote to each class outside of the classroom. Describe how you might organize your class schedule.

5. Are there tasks you dread doing such as washing dishes? Discuss how you might group amounts of time to similar tasks, such as sweeping the kitchen floor in the same time frame that you do the dishes.

6. E-mail can be a distraction on the job. Clients send you e-mail, and coworkers use it as a tool for communication. How might you effectively determine the time you need to spend answering or sending e-mail? What e-mail is really urgent? What e-mail can be put off until later? What e-mail can be ignored and deleted?

7. Look up information on the Web about installing new front brake pads. Imagine you are an automotive technician at a busy repair shop, but you and one other technician are the only people at the shop. The shop closes at 7 p.m. and it is 4 p.m. The other technician has two repair orders to fill by the end of the day. A customer comes in and he needs brake service to be completed by the end of the day. A second customer calls and urgently needs a price quote for a repair to give to her insurance company. Write step-by-step how you might manage time to complete a work order for the front brake repair, and meet the phone customer’s needs.

8. Contributing some of your time back to the community can be very fulfilling. Write a brief story about a time when you volunteered or contributed in some way that positively gave back to the community. When reflecting about this experience, how did you manage to fit this effort into your day?