Chapter 2 Additional Online Resources

Chapter 2: Taking Control of Your Time

Additional Online Resources

University of Minnesota Duluth’s Web site offers a list of basic applicable time-management principles for college students.

“This personal time management guide and the accompanying newsletter are dedicated to building a stronger foundation for your success.”

This Web site has topics addressing time management, such as “Setting Priorities” and “Myths of time Management.”

“The Library provides easy-to-access, clutter-free, comprehensive resources regarding the leadership and management of yourself, other individuals, groups and organizations. Content is relevant to the vast majority of people, whether they are in large or small for-profit or nonprofit organizations.”

Dartmouth College’s Academics Skills Center addresses the many aspects of time management. The Web site includes a time management video and a self test to “assess your learning style.”

University of Buffalo’s Counseling Services assists students in resolving personal difficulties and in acquiring those skills, attitudes, and resources necessary to both succeed in the college environment and pursue productive and satisfying lives.”

The Web site offers a “virtual pamphlet collection” on the topic of time management from various universities’ Web sites.

Find 10 tips for time management from Penelope Trunk’s book Brazen Careerist on this Web site.

The Web site has list of the biggest time wasters and a list of time savers, as well as a “simple time management plan.”