Chapter 3 Additional Online Resources

Chapter 3: Handling Your Money Wisely


This Web site provides a long list of links to pages with such titles as “All About Budgets,” “Frugal Living’s Budget Links” and “Budgeting on the PC.”

The Web site provides a worksheet that helps you develop a college budget. There is also a helpful article called “figuring out financial aid.”

Stock Trading

“Stock-Trak is the Internet’s most comprehensive virtual stock exchange simulator and fantasy stock market game available. We are the only stock market simulator that allows its users to practice online stock trading within all of the major securities. Browse our site for information on stock investing research, fantasy stock market trading, and the latest in stock investing tips.”

Investors can buy and sell securities such as stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. The Web site also offers investors banking and lending products such as checking and savings accounts.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Information and guidelines concerning receiving financial aid from TSTC can be found on this page.

“ScholarshipExperts.comTM uses the unique profile of each registered member to match him/her with the most accurate and relevant award listings available.”

Handling Your Finances

The Wall Street Journal, the world’s leading business publication, in an online format.

Registration is free. The online journal provides local business news as well as local job listings.

This Web site provides practical personal finance advice, calculators and investing tips with business news, stock quotes, and financial market coverage.