Chapter 4 Additional Discussion & Writing Prompts

Chapter 4: Keeping Yourself Healthy and Safe

Additional Discussion & Writing Prompts

1. Personal Health. Discuss the importance of beginning (or maintaining) healthy habits while in college. What are the benefits of doing so? What are the consequences of not doing so? What initiatives have you taken to promote your personal health? What things could you improve on to become healthier? Finally, discuss some difficulties you encounter that hinder you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle while being a college student.

2. Alcohol and Sexual Conduct. Students who first arrive at college often face a lot of pressures from their environment, including pressure to drink and/or engage in sexual behavior. Discuss whether you believe prior knowledge of alcoholism and sex education will help students make wise decisions. Does peer pressure override knowledge in the context of college life? Do you face pressures from your friends and peers in concerns to sex and alcohol?

3. Campus Safety. Discuss your knowledge of campus safety. What precautions do you take to promote personal safety? What are some precautions that your college takes to ensure your safety? Are these precautions enough to guarantee your safety, why or why not? Discuss ways your college could improve its security to better protect you.

4. Sex Education. Consider Dr. Susan Blumenthal’s report which states that up to 25 percent of college students have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), does this number surprise you? Why or why not? Consider your own prior experience with sex education and give a brief explanation of your prior sex education. Do you believe that you were adequately informed about the consequences of engaging in sexual behavior? Explain your answer (i.e. if no, explain how you could have been more adequately informed).

5. Moderation in All Things. Consider what is meant by the phrase “moderation in all things” and explain how you can apply them to your own life, in both college and future career opportunities. Do you consider the phrase something to live by, why or why not? Are there times in your college experience and career where moderation would not be the best decision? Explain your answer thoroughly and provide examples.

6. Personal Health. Consider your personal health habits. Think about your daily routine: the things you do, how you eat, how you organize your time, and compare this to the author’s suggestions from the chapter. In what areas do you excel? What areas do you need improvement? Is maintaining your personal health in college important to you? Why or why not?