Chapter 4 Additional Online Resources

Chapter 4: Keeping Yourself Healthy and Safe


In an article published in the New York Times, Jane E. Brody writes about the food options that are available to college students today and gives advice on how to make healthy choices that will benefit students later in life.


In an article published August 2003, the University of Michigan Health System provides information about depression. The article cites the importance of fostering a growing awareness of this illness and gives specific information about depression among college students.

Sleeping Habits/Deprivation

In the article, “College students’ sleeping habits harmful to health, study finds,” Payal Teli writes about the health consequences that college students face because of sleep deprivation. The article also includes many examples from several college students reflecting on why they have poor sleeping habits.


College Drinking is a Web site that provides several different resources for college students, parents, and administrators on the subject of alcoholism in college. Included on the Web site are articles about alcohol myths, FAQs on alcohol abuse, facts about alcohol, and many other interactive features that provides students with knowledge to make the right choices concerning alcohol.

Facts on Tap is a Web site that covers a wide range of topics dealing with alcoholism in college (i.e. Alcohol and Sex, Alcohol and Your Body) and offers several facts, alcohol-related stories, and statistics to help students draw their own conclusions about alcohol.

Sexual Behavior

“Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors of College Students” is an article written by Erin Cross and Rustain Morgan that explores the historical context in which college students today develop their attitudes about sex and sexual conduct.

In an article from Men’s Fitness, Joy Davidson lists and discusses 10 things that college students know about sex, and then adds 10 more things she believes that college students should know about sex.

In this article titled “College Sex: Going Home Alone,” Christopher Beam and Nick Summers reveal that despite popular belief, the number of college students engaging in continuous and wild sexual activities is actually declining. While students still engage in sex, they are not as wild as they are portrayed to be and sexual encounters do not happen that often.

Campus Safety

“Is Your College Student Safe at School?” is an article written by Lisa Collier Cool and Fran Lostys that questions campus security in schools across America. Citing incidents relating to student criminals, outside criminals, mental health, and drinking-related crimes, Cool and Lostys reveal the dangers of college campuses and the lack of adequate security found at many universities. They also give examples of universities that effectively protects their students from the different types of crimes listed above. offers several different tips that college students can follow to decrease their chances of being victims of a crime.