Chapter 5 Additional Online Resources

Chapter 5: Using Critical Thinking

Additional Online Resources

This Web site provides a directory of online resources focused on improving the critical thinking process. The page is divided into easy to find categories including links to the Top 10 suggested Web sites for critical thinking as well as over 40 alphabetically listed topics.

The Skeptics Dictionary offers mini-lessons on critical thinking. Thirteen lessons are available and further reading is accessible.

Mission critical is a self proclaimed virtual lab with the purpose of teaching the fundamental concepts of critical thinking. Tutorials and links to additional research related resources are available.

This Web site offers a better understanding to the definition of a critical thinker. The attributes and application of a critical thinker is stressed through a checklist and examples.

Over 100 free tutorials designed for critical thinking, creativity and other areas are accessible along with free downloads, quizzes and puzzles. Tutorials are organized into 10 main categories making the site easy to navigate.

The Critical Thinking Community offers links to library articles, research and online learning dedicated to the topic of critical thinking.

A study guide and strategy to thinking critically in various areas including time management, self discipline and motivation, procrastination and problem solving. provides an overview of critical thinking including the requirements and value of thinking critically along with the characteristics of a person who excels at critical thinking.

This Web site has suggestions about how to effectively and correctly use the Internet as well as information on evaluating sources.

This is a how-to guide on thinking critically about Internet resources regarding the content, evaluation, source, date and structure.