Chapter 6 Additional Online Resources

Chapter 6: Doing the Research

Additional Online Resources

Intute provides access to the Internet resources in regards to research and education. Search is available through general or specific categories.

This sight offers a free tutorial to assist in developing research skills by giving useful advice on evaluating the quality and validity of Web sites.

Cornell University offers a guide to the seven steps of the research process. It includes strategies for searching information and documenting sources.

For the professional world, this Web site provides helpful hints on researching occupations in regards to education and training requirements, job outlook and salary options. Links are accessible to guide the user to career Web sites.

A 22 step-by-step procedure is provided for the best ways to research a market, industry or business.

Stony Brook University provides links to the best research Web sites organized into specific topics and categories including everything from Russian studies to legal resources to theater arts.

This Web site includes links to helpful Web sites in regards to research. The topics are organized into specific categories, making it easy to find the information the user is seeking. Each link provides a short explanation of the Web site to which it will transfer the user.

This Web site is a guide to researching companies, industries and countries. A user seeking employment options will find research tools and resources for conducting career research.

Questia is an online library made for “faster, easier research.” Included in the site are online resources divided into subject categories, in addition to purchasable collections.

This Web site is designed to teach to the user how to research in a library. It provides information from library terminology to citation styles.