Chapter 7 Additional Discussion & Writing Prompts

Chapter 7: Organizing Your Records & Documentation

Additional Discussion and Writing Prompts

1. Do you keep a journal, either a handwritten notebook or online? If so, discuss some ways in which the journal helps you keep track of your life? If not, do you keep track of your personal life in any way?

2. Do you use any social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook? Discuss how you use those sites? Do you think they are safe? What privacy concerns, if any, do you have?

3. Do you read blogs regularly? If you do, are any of them related to your chosen career field? What kind of information do find on them? How much of it do you think is reliable?

4. You have been keeping a journal in this class. Write for five minutes about how this journal has helped you stay organized and focused on assignments for this class.

5. Think about how you keep track of important data in your personal life. Make a list of some of the data you keep track of. Write down some ways in which you might keep yourself better organized.

6. Imagine you have graduated and you are working in your chosen field. Imagine your company asks its employees to contribute to its blog. Write down some topics you imagine might make a good blog post in your field. Then in your journal write a 250-word post about a topic in your field.