Chapter 8 Additional Online Resources

Chapter 8: Dealing With Tests

Personal Values, Ethics, and Integrity

“Reflecting on Personal Values Protects From Effects of Stress” – An article published by UCLA psychologists that shows evidence that reflecting on one’s meaningful values can reduce stress.

“The Importance of Integrity” – An article written by Joe Love, a man who aids individuals and companies in personal development. The article discusses what constitutes integrity and the characteristics of those who have high integrity.

“Moral Development in the Information Age” – Nancy Willard, a research associate for the center for Advanced Technology in Education, discusses moral development issues found in young people as a result of the Internet. The article discusses Internet ethics, inappropriate use of the Internet, and other related topics.


This Web site by Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources offers strategies, tips, and other resources for test-taking, studying, and educational success. (University at Buffalo)

This site offers information about study habits and test anxiety. It includes tips on how to prepare, confront, and cope with test anxiety.


This site offers resources that show how to prepare for performance evaluations. The three links listed will take you to different articles that will help you deal with performance reviews.

An article that describes what encompasses work ethics.