Chapter 8 Additional Writing & Discussion Prompts

Chapter 8: Dealing With Tests

Additional Discussion & Writing Prompts

1. What values are most important to you? How do your values affect your academic life? If you have a job, how do they affect your professional life?

2. Do you do anything in particular to help relieve test anxiety? Offer some of your own tried-and-true tips to being prepared for test day, including study techniques.

3. How might an entire office or company benefit from an employee using the “ladder of escalation” approach to helping a coworker who is being harassed at work? What are some possible outcomes, good or bad, that can result?

4. Think of a career where continuing education seems critical. Why is it important that these employees take Continuing Education Units (CEU)?

5. Think of an ethical or moral decision that you are facing right now. If you do not have one, create a hypothetical one. Apply each of the three tests to it and write down your answer for each question, including the ones under “Other Questions.” From your answers, write a conclusion determining your decision.

6. Out of everything covered in this chapter, what topic affected you most? Is there something you might start doing or start doing differently? For example: Applying the Mary Guy Model to moral decisions. Describe the ways you will apply what you’ve learned about the topic to your academic, professional, and personal life.