Chapter 9 Additional Online Resources

Chapter 9: Communicating

Additional Online Resources

Important aspects of the communication process including barriers, nonverbal cues, development and interviewing are covered through detailed advice and examples.

Dedicated to changing lives through good communication, this Web site provides hypothetical situations and works through the process of effectively communicating in each circumstance. Situations include how to handle a jealous coworker and how to end a telephone call.

This Web site includes links to other Web sites specialized in the topic of choice. A vast array of topics is available with multiple links for each topic. Topics range from communication skills, writing, presenting, telephone behavior and conflict resolution.

Divided into categories including communication skills and relationships, Bacal and Associates gives advice in an organized manner that makes it easy to find the topic you desire to research.

This Web site contains links to articles written regarding topics from communication skills to listening to interviewing to storytelling and speaking. Most articles relate to the idea of how to be the most effective in each of the areas.

This is an online dictionary with entries involving aspects of nonverbal communication such as gestures, signs and body language cues.

Witt Communications’ Web site is designed to teach the reader how to improve communication skills. Uniquely, this site has an online quiz to test your communication skills which can be taken before and after using their helpful hints.

Penn State offers suggestions on working in teams by answering frequently asked questions and providing tips to enhance teamwork.

Because presentation skills are vital in the academic and professional world, this Web site is designed to aid the user in improving their presentations through tips, guidelines and advice. provides tools for improving listening skills including tips and reasons to improve your skills. Also provided is a listening role-play activity in which the use can practice and evaluate the newly learned skills.