Summer: The Perfect Time to Try Something New

Well, we did it. Summer is nearly here and we’ve made it through another semester. In January, I posted about ways to start the semester stress-free, the benefits of sleep and how to eat healthy while busy and on a budget. Hopefully, you used some of my tips this semester and made your life just a little bit healthier. If not, no hard feelings – summer is a great time to get a new health plan started.

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Organize Your Life

Life becomes chaos.  As one task is finished, nine more pile up and the thought of never-ending work can lead to less-than-positive thoughts. Organization can help keep you sane. Rather than constantly juggling options, lists and deadlines in your head, write things down and watch as your personal power conquers the most complex of life’s obstacles.

There are many online applications and tools to help become organized. Zen Habits offers some great steps toward developing a better routine and lifestyle, DistanceLearningNet lists plenty of note-taking tools, and JournalingTools will help you master the art of self-reflection. Organization can be as simple as a pen and paper, but with a seemingly endless source of free applications, there is no reason not to get ahead.

The practice of journaling seems underrated, yet it is a powerful tool of self-exploration and evaluation. People feel better after talking to a counselor or psychologist because they get a chance to unleash all the thoughts and feelings they have been struggling to hold inside. Keeping a daily journal is a cheaper option to let out emotions and transfer them to a page. Reflecting on these daily thoughts and occurrences will instill a sense of progress as learning from mistakes and past events brings further development to the individual.

Journaling about things other people can relate to can translate into a blog that is shared with the world. Not only will it boost the awareness of the particular subject matter but may generate revenue as well. There’s nothing like people paying you for imparting thoughts on a subject of your interest.

College classes can be beasts and being prepared to conquer is half the battle.  Many people pay halfway attention in the classes they choose to attend and do not bother opening the book until the day before the test. It’s always possible to squeak by in the easier classes but the purpose of college is to prepare students for the professional world, so it would be easier to go ahead and start now. Just like staying healthy, doing well in school requires significant effort and most people know what they must do; it is just a matter of putting the first foot forward and start walking.

It is obvious to read the book before class and take notes on what was read, then attend class and take notes there. Compound all the notes and read them until they are known.  Simple in theory, yet going through requires effort. Once these practices become habits, the professional world will be a breeze, and the people that fluffed their way through college will struggle just to stay afloat.