Nutrition News: High Arsenic Levels Found in Organic Foods

I Don’t Remember Ordering Arsenic

In an attempt to eat healthy you grab for the organic version of a favorite food, but be careful.

A recent study by Dartmouth University showed high levels of arsenic in organic foods and baby formula that list organic brown rice syrup as a primary ingredient. Arsenic is linked to cancer, chronic diseases and developmental effects in children.

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Schedule Your Stress Away

The time has come for spring semester classes to start, and like most students, I have spent the week denying winter break is over.

 Professors and instructors often use this week to read syllabi and outline course requirements. Students, in turn, put off buying books and reading assignment schedules. While chances are nothing will be due until the next week, or maybe later than that, I want to encourage students to get organized now to avoid stress in the future.

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Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen

The “freshman fifteen” is dreaded by most incoming college students. However, I foolishly thought I would be immune to such a cliché thing. I mean, how hard could it be to stay semi-healthy at college? I found out the hard way that it is beyond difficult. I am going to avoid mentioning, just as any girl would, exactly how much weight I gained in my first two years of college, but just know extra pounds definitely appeared. Almost all of my weight gain happened within my freshman and sophomore years.

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