MindTools.com Offers Resources to Improve Your Career

mindtools-picture5Whether you are interested in starting a career or are an experienced manager, MindTools.com has extensive articles and videos that will not only be applicable in the professional world but can enhance all aspects of your life where practical skills are used. The site has information divided within ten different major skill development areas:

1.Leadership Skills

2.Problem Solving

3.Decision Making

4.Project Management

5.Practical Creativity

6.Time Management

7.Stress Management

8.Information Skills

9.Communication Skills

10.Memory Improvement

MindTools.com was created nine years ago with the intention of providing a reference site for people who needed help getting a career off the ground or for people needing motivational help in leadership settings, workshops, and teams. Making this information available and applicable has always been a priority, as stated on their Web site, “We call these skills and techniques ‘mind tools’ – because that’s what they are. We believe that anyone can learn these tools and apply them successfully, helping them make the very most of their careers.”

In addition to the large quantity of free resources on a variety of topics, MindTools.com gives its visitors the opportunity to download the Web site as a PDF for a fee. This way, a person may print the site out and make notes on it or have a portable copy of all the skills development information offered. Also for a fee, the site has an online community called the Career Excellence Club, aimed at providing members with the most up-to-date articles, coaching, interviews, and a forum where members can talk to each other in order to network or ask questions in their field.

MindTools.com offers their services through frequently updated Web articles, e-books, newsletters, MP3 downloads, and online/telephone classes. MindTools.com also supplies a list of specialized sites that provide additional information on key topics.

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