Summer: The Perfect Time to Try Something New

Well, we did it. Summer is nearly here and we’ve made it through another semester. In January, I posted about ways to start the semester stress-free, the benefits of sleep and how to eat healthy while busy and on a budget. Hopefully, you used some of my tips this semester and made your life just a little bit healthier. If not, no hard feelings – summer is a great time to get a new health plan started.

For most of us, summer provides a break from the stress and non-stop action of the school year. It gives us time to breathe, and catch up on hours of lost sleep and many TV shows.  While it may be tempting to veg-out on the couch and sleep the summer away, I encourage you to get active in the next few months and take advantage of the extra time.

Here are some ideas to try out during your free time:

  • Start cooking: Experiment at home or take cooking classes. For those of you who prefer sweets, try a baking class or find fun recipes on Pinterest to test on friends and family.
  • Start exercising: Yoga, running, Zumba, weight-lifting, walking, swimming – just do it.
  • Water sports: Cities with bodies of water nearby often have places to rent equipment. Try kayaking, sailing, paddle-boarding, rafting, canoeing, etc.

Stay active indoors: The summer can be brutally hot. Try bowling, crafting, roller skating, ice-skating, and road-trips (cars count as indoors!).

Other things to consider doing this summer are less fun, but still important. You can use this time to get organized and tie up any lose ends around the house. Starting the fall semester organized will make it easier to maintain the healthy habits you formed over the summer. It takes 21 days to form a habit. The activities you do this summer could continue on throughout the rest of your life.

Get some friends or family members together and think of things you can do this summer together during your spare time. You never know what you’ll end up loving and what will stay with you forever.


– Emilly