Everything You Need To Know About Time Management

asc-logo2The Dartmouth Academic Skills Center (DASC)  gives Dartmouth freshman the aid they need in order to be successful in their first year of college. The advice the DASC provides can be helpful to any incoming College student, especially in the field of time management. The site has the following sections that outline the process of developing good time management skills:

  1. Advantages of time management

The DASC lists the advantages of time management in order to show the ways that scheduling can contribute to effective study time and cut down procrastination, cramming, and anxiety about studying. Knowing what benefits come from creating a regular schedule will help students stay motivated until they begin to see results.

  1. Key aspects of time management

Key aspects of time management are, as stated on the Web site,Self knowledge and goals” and “developing and maintaining a personal, flexible schedule.” Knowing how your mind works and forming goals based on personal strengths and priorities makes it easier to create and keep up with a schedule.

  1. Resources for developing time management skills

In addition to showing how time management can improve the effectiveness of studying and education, and what things are key to note when beginning to use time management, the DASC Web site provides resources on how to start and maintain a time management schedule. They have an instructional video, a quiz to find out whether you do or don’t need a time management schedule, and different example formats that show how to do a one-week time schedule or four-year class schedule. These resources are located on the time management homepage.

Other resources offered by DASC aimed at helping new college students include:

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